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112 5th Street NE, Faribault, Minnesota

American Legion Post 43


Welcome to American Legion Post 43,

Situated in Faribault, Minnesota, our Post consists of 750+ members made up by our Veterans, Ladies Auxiliary, Sons of the American Legion, and American Legion Riders. The main objectives of Post 43 are to support the 4 pillars of the American Legion:

  1. Advocating strong national security
  2. Supporting Veterans & their families
  3. Mentoring youth
  4. Promoting patriotism & honor

When you are ready and able, I would ask that each of you take the time to seriously consider involvement in your Post 43 happenings. The entire success of this Post is dependent upon volunteers such as you. Let it be known that any amount of time that you may have to offer, great or small, can and will make a difference. The revenue generated from Post 43 goes right back into our community in one fashion or another. Consider this: Faribault youth scholarships; sports programs; Legionville/School Patrol; Legion Baseball; Boys State/Nation; Scouting; Flag Etiquette; Veteran's Home Support, etc...Your Faribault American Legion Post 43 provides funds to all of these entities and many more throughout the community. In order to determine how the Post is functioning and to provide direction, there are meetings held twice a month. These meetings fall on the 1st and 3rd Mondays of each month. The 1st Monday is our general membership meeting and all members in good standing are encouraged to attend. Bring your ideas to the table and help us to better serve our Veterans, their families and our community. The 3rd Monday of the month is also open for all members in good standing but only those that serve on the Executive Board are required to attend.

On the 3rd Sunday of each month, a flag-raising ceremony is held to honor those that are fighting on the front line of Afghanistan so that we may continue to live in a free society. This ceremony starts at 1:00pm sharp and is open to the public. There will be a reading of those Killed in Action for the current and previous months, you will witness the raising of Old Glory in their honor as well as those that face the enemy on a daily basis. Whenever possible, if requested, we will fly the flag over Post 43 in honor of an individual or specific unit that is currently serving in-country.

Many members of Post 43 provide some type of service to our Veterans: Perhaps it is the Rice County Central Veterans attending a funeral service of a local deceased Veteran; The Post 43 Color Guard squad marches in local parades and attends many community functions; Unit 43 Auxiliary members consistently raise awareness of Veterans issues and often send care packages overseas to the troops on the front lines as well as make plans for the Beyond the Yellow Ribbon project; many other Post 43 members assist with the Rice County Veterans Memorial by helping to place paver stones honoring someone who has served; just as important, there are members of the Sons of the American Legion that are providing support to the youth in the form of Boy Scout leaders or youth mentors; American Legion Riders mount up on their iron horses and support many local and regional Veterans events; many of these same Legion Rider members also belong to the Patriot Guard Riders where the main objective is to stand for those who have stood for us.

Every one of these actions takes planning and before the actions of our endless planning come to fruition, we start by simply sitting around the table of commitment. Every single person brings to the table with them a great wealth of knowledge. We bring our God-given knowledge. We bring knowledge from our life's experience, knowledge from our friends, our families, our successes and our failures. At the table of commitment, we share ideas, we debate, we collaborate, and we painstakingly define and then refine the ideas using the knowledge we have to offer. From there, we push our chairs back from the table and we take action. With a little luck and a lot of God's guidance, we pray that our planning will lead us down the path of success. We don't always get it right, but we offer up our level best, "The American Way."

I would ask that you find even the smallest amount of time in your schedule to dedicate some portion of your life to a cause that is greater than what can be defined by words alone. Those who see dawn on the front lines fight so that we might continue to live free and they expect us to live to our fullest. We must meet that obligation and work hard to earn that right. We must meet that obligation head on for we owe this to them, their families and to ourselves. We must support them and their families in any way that we can. Their sacrifice must not be forgotten. Our community, our state, and our nation are dependent upon us to Always Remember this sacrifice. We are the American Legion. This is what we do. If we do not provide that support, who will? Any amount of time that you may have to offer, great or small, can and will make a difference.

For God & Country

Since our charter in (year), our American Legion Post has been welcoming VETERANS from all branches of our Armed Forces. Today, we continue to welcome all military personnel serving our country. Joining our Post enables you to continue serving your God, Country and Community. Our mission is to implement the goals, aspirations, dreams, peace and blessings for our country, friends and families embodied in our preamble below.


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